Alia Qatarneh

I am a first-generation, East Boston-raised, Arab-Italian-American. I am an educator, rhymer, runner, learner, leader, and scientist. My mission is to disrupt from within; whether that’s disrupting the dominant cultures of running or of science and education. I joined the leadership team of TrailblazHERs Run Co. in June of 2022. As a LeadHER, I support the scale and impact of the TrailblazHERs’ mission. Foundational to this is my passion and knack for building community. I have made an impact on many by offering guidance, support, positive energy, and encouraging excellence not only for the run crew but for the work in which members of TrailblazHERs are engaged in as agents for social change. I have also completed the 2023 Boston Marathon as my first marathon earlier this year.

Lindsey Thorne-Bingham

I’m passionate about building, and being in, strong communities personally and professionally. In running, I have found an incredible community. I am a LeadHer with TrailblazHers Run Co. and am privileged to support, encourage, uplift, and guide women on their running and wellness journeys. My running is motivated by the power of the “get to”—we “get” to do this, we do not have to. Running has given me endless fun, amazing friends, great opportunity, improved health and wellness, and wild adventure. I have run five marathons and have a goal to be a six star finisher.