Liz Rock

Liz Rock is the Co-Founder/Co-Organizer of The Bra Run and TrailblazHers Run Co. Her motto is that movement is power and that it’s not about being perfect, but it’s about pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. “Movement is for everyBODY.” Her passion for fitness stemmed from her own health/wellness journey about seven years ago. She’s done numerous races, ran four marathons (Boston, New York, London and Chicago), and has completed a century ride. She’s an advocate for Women, a Community Leader, and Organizer. Her passions span beyond running/ cycling miles; she is on a mission to create safe and accessible spaces for women.

Abeo Powder

Abeo Powder is a proud Queeribbean-American roots from Trinidad & Tobago. At the core of her purpose is educating, leading, advocating and empowering. She’s former elementary school educator and currently serves youth in the non-profit sector.

In addition to being a co-founder, she’s the in-house running coach, the Creative Director of The Bra Run and a passionate wordsmith for the run crew and beyond.

Individual and collective care are paramount, therefore prioritizing connection and intentionality shapes all that she engages in.

Frances Ramirez

Born and raised in Boston, MA. Frances Ramirez works within the cannabis industry.

She has ran the New York and Chicago and 26.True Marathon. She is the Co-Founder / Co-Organizer of The Bra Run and TrailblazHers Run Co as well as the in-house photographer for multiple run spaces in Boston. 

She is also the Captain of Pioneers Run Crew, a co-ed run crew based in Boston. Like Trailblazhers, they aim to create safe and inclusive spaces for BIPOC runners.